Making Necklaces that suit your personality .


Token of luck, symbol of love - browse our exquisite and find your very own jewellery piece
Lolite's bracelets match the style of countless women in order to reveal their individual beauty


Making Necklaces that
Suits your Personlity
Discover our luxury jewellery creations and indulge in our joyful collections

Jewelery Sets


Jewelry Set

Discover our luxury jewelry creations and indulge in our joyful collections. Browse below through a vast selection of precious pieces


We make your dream become wearable.


Selection of prestigious earrings that come in different shapes and sizes to perfectly complement your style.

Hello, We Are Lolite Jewelry and Gemstone

our bussines is making jewelry and exporting gemstone We are more of focusing export gemstone and making jewelry for the local marketwe making jewelrys in different design you want we are ups agent. our bussines is making jewelry and exporting gemstone We are more of focusing export gemstone and making jewelry for the local market mainly Opal are sold in rough or cut &are available in different &natural colors at the most competitive price. Opal can have white, blue,yellow, orange, red,green,or deep red brown the play of colors shows in the usual way as a contra -luz when held against light.
Times wait for none. It's now or never

Lolite Gemestone Store


Unleashing the beauty of the stone.



'' Quality is Remembered long after the price has been forgotten ''.



Our Vision

To expand its connection and to introduce the Ethiopian precious gemstones internationally We have a responsibility to the people who rely on our products and services for their supplies and we take that responsibility seriously..

Our Mission

Because we want to bring hard currency for our country and we want to help hiv positive woman by giving them job position like making jewelrys.

About us

we making jewelry in different design you want we are ups agent and we have sister company horizon tour and travel plc we give a especial service on our tour company we also rent a car In addition to these standard gemstone shapes, gem designers are inventing new ways of cutting gemstones in unique individual styles.

Our Specialties

It is often difficult to place a true value on any particular gemstone because there is no uniform classification or measurement system in place. This is where gemstones differ from diamonds,
One of the most important things for people when considering gemstones is the value and price for them but like in many industries, the price we offer are always fair because customers are our priorities .

A gemstone is the name given to a piece of mineral (or other rock or organic material) that after it has been cut and polished has been made into a piece of jeweler or another accessory. Although gemstones are commonly made from minerals, material such as jet or amber or rocks what ever the type of the stone we have the best quality once.
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