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Our business is making jewelry and exporting gemstone We are more of focusing export gemstone and making jewelry for the local market .we make jewelry in different design you want we are up agent and we have sister company horizon tour and travel plc. we give a especial service on our tour company we also rent a car . Contact us today
our company what makes it different is we work internationally and locally and our stone is natural ,pure and different combination we deliver quikly based on our agreement and our price is fair
As part of our work we give especial places for woman in low status also we open job opportunities for HIV positive woman to help them achieve better places in life as part of a citizen and we are growing in the achivments of our mission ahead.



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The patterns an opal shows can increase values dramatically when it's an unusual or rare one. There are several distinct patterns that are rare and very desirable that are found in very few Opals. These patterns command very high Quality because of their rarity and beauty.


At Lolite Jewelwer & jemstone store , we strive to stock the best quality of this Opal and ship it to clients all over the world. What sets us apart from the competition is we know how to select the best quality, we can deliver in the shortest time possible and most of all we are reliable and reasonably priced.


There is so much to learn about Opal, it's one of those gemstones that has so many different, unique, and beautiful faces. Opals can be compared to snowflakes, no two are alike. There are so many variables with opal, base color, flash color, flash pattern, translucent or opaque, and the list goes ... Read more

Working With Opal

Cutting Opal is a lot of fun!

Opal cutting isn't for everyone, it's quite messy, your hands get cut up often, alot of times you are disappointed, but when you cut a winner it's all worth it and you can't wait to go back and try again.When Opal comes out of the ground, most often it looks like a chunk of dirty rock, nothing important at all. Here is a picture of some dark based opal rough as it looks after it's dug out of the earth.

Not very pretty? You would be surprised what that ugly hunk of nothing can turn into under the right circumstances! You take that hunk of nothing and start cutting away at it to find the gemmy opal that is waiting inside. Good quality opal rough that will produce an expensive gemstone is extremely expensive and getting harder and harder to find these days.